Food for the Soul

With so many diet options floating around in the world and on the internet, what is really the beast diet for optimum health? From my two years of experience trying everything under the sun, what my body has craved, and the kinds of foods that have made me feel good have varied throughout my healing.

When I first started looking for natural answers to my health, I went to a naturopath who immediately recommended the Paleo diet. The theory of the Paleo diet made a lot of sense to me at first: grains contain certain acids that irritate the gut? Don’t eat them? Ok. Stick to vegetables and grass-fed meats like our hunter-gatherer ancestors? Okay, great. So my experience with that diet actually went pretty well. Lots of grass-fed and pasture raised meats (but not yet any organs, bone broth, offal etc.), coconut oil and olive oil mainly, no salt, some fruits and berries and nuts. I was very strictly paleo for about a year. I was pretty heavy on the natural sweeteners, though. I would have an after work snack of “Paleo” coconut macaroons which had a shocking amount of sugar in it, so I wasn’t very savvy about the health effects of sugar yet.

Fast forward to about a year on paleo diet, and one day I just could not keep down ANY more meat. I was so hungry, that I ate an entire pound of grassfed ground beef in one sitting! But my body was still yelling to eat something else, my body needed something that I wasn’t getting from the ground beef I commonly ate. My body was just seriously craving, craving something! I battled with my body. I had great self control so even though I wanted to scarf down a whole birthday cake, I did not scarf down that birthday cake. I felt miserable, awful brain fog, terribly weak. Until finally I gave in to what my body wanted and I ate some beans. I felt better. So I ate some more beans, and more carbs. Then I came accross the vegan McDougal diet. I thought I had finally found the answer! So meat is bad? Ok. Fat too? Okay done. I was willing to do anything and eat anything to feel better.

So I did feel better for a while on the hi carb, low fat diet, still sans gluten. About two weeks in on that diet, my brain was just…. it felt like I had no control over my emotions whatsoever. I was suicidal, irratic, aloof, confused, and it just felt like my brain was swimming in the thickest of fogs.

BACK TO PALEO I went!! But this time the AIP version, because my food sensitivites had flared up from the vegan diet!

Finally, I came accross Connie Fox’s website about Mercury poisoning. I knew that I had moderate levels of mercury in my body from a hair mineral analysis test. Her advice definitely pointed me into the direction of the best diet for health

The point of this story is that I NEEDED to do what my body was telling me to do. Nobody else can tell you exactly what your body needs. Sugar is the one exception. when you break the sugar addiction that most of us are trapped in, it becomes easy to see past you desire for sweets, and look at the minerals and vitamins that your body truly needs. What the body really needs is: Proteins (amino acids), SLOW burning carbs, healthy SATURATED fats, organic organ meats (for essential vitamins), trace minerals, and antioxidants. And of course all of the food you eat should be at the HIGHEST quality that you can afford. I’m not talking about buying a New York strip steak for every meal, I’m talking about the cleanliness and purity of the ingredients. This is what you need to look for in the grocery store: Grass-fed (or even 100% grassfed), Pasture Raised, Organic, GMO-Free, and All Natural. Every ingredient list should be checked for it’s quality. No hidden additives